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KNOGJÄRN releases new single today!

“You know the feeling of talking to deaf ears. The frustration of trying to help someone who refuses to listen. Sometimes the only thing you can do is ‘let go’ and let karma do its job. This song puts into words the emptiness you feel when you’re witnessing someone ruin their own life and all you can do is watch.” - Knogjärn about the new singleSänka dig (Indie Recordings 

This hard-hitting gem was actually meant for Knogjärn's previous album Mera bedövning (Indie Recordings), but they simply didn’t get the track done in time. Now, one year after Mera bedövningKnogjärn finally have welded the song into perfection and felt that you guys deserved some new music, so they decided to release Sänka dig as a standalone single, accompanied with an energetic video. Consider it a little “Easter egg”, while Knogjärn are working hard on the upcoming album - enjoy! 

Knogjärn – Sänka dig (Indie Recordings Just after the single is released, gigs follow in both Gothenburg and Linköping, where the song will be performed live for the first time. In May, the band then enters the studio to begin the recording of their fifth full-length. Other great news is that Knogjärn has signed with the booking agent Christian Höijer at CMG and is from now on part of their solid roster. CMG is a very successful and experienced booking agency and promotor that works widely throughout Scandinavia. In addition to KnogjärnCMG also represent Smash Into PiecesImminenceLillasysterCorroded and Scarlet among other great acts.  

KNOGJÄRN: Kim Eriksson - vocals Markus Hurtig - guitars Rasmus Sörbom - bass Johan Hidén – drums  KNOGJÄRN ONLINE: Hemsida –

KNOGJÄRN LIVE: 19/4 - Göteborg, Musikens hus

20/4 - Linköping, Hell Yeah Rock Club

27/9 - Östersund Rockfest (with Raised Fist among others)

28/9 - Luleå Rockfest (with Raised Fist among others)More shows to be announced soon  MANAGEMENT/PR: Martin Gustafsson +46(0)708-39 85 06 BOOKING AGENT: Christian Höijer  RECORD LABEL/A&R: Linda M. Melsom Single cover art by Carl Stjärnlöv

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