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KNOGJÄRN signs management agreement with Republic 66!

After a successful PR campaign for the album Mera bedövning (Indie Recordings) during last year, Martin Gustafsson and Republic 66 now signs a management agreement with Knogjärn, which hereby becomes the fourth band to join Republic 66 management after Eradikated, Sister and Velvet Insane. Knogjärn is currently working on new material and will start to record a new album later this spring. 

"Knogjärn is a band that has full potential to become a key player on the Swedish rock and metal scene. Their ability to compose great melodies in combination with their brutally honest lyrics in Swedish makes them accessible and attractive to the masses, despite the unpolished surface. Their authenticity makes them easy to love and I really look forward to being a part of the journey ahead.” - Martin Gustafsson, Republic 66

DesireExcept for the management part Republic 66 will also still function as the band’s PR Agency, where Sari H Wilholm will play an important role. For any inquiries, please contact Martin Gustafsson:  Knogjärn is:  Kim Eriksson – Vocals

Markus Hurtig – Guitar

Rasmus Sörbom – Bass

Photo: Anine

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