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The rockstars’ favorite painter from Sweden chosen by Van Gogh Art Gallery to exhibit in Monaco

Slash (Guns N’ Roses): ”I just love Emilia’s art”

From Stockholm to Monaco. From tattoo artist to acclaimed painter. From apprenticeship to hanging out with world famous rockstars. Emilia Lindberg’s journey has been far from predictable, but her stubbornness and her uncompromising attitude have taken her to where she is today. In August she has been chosen by Van Gogh Art Gallery to exhibit and participate at their booth on Monaco Art Fair. Maybe a life goal for some, but for Emilia it’s just the beginning. As a child, Emilia often had to accompany her father to his work when she was on leave from school or had a day off. Her father then worked as a janitor at the Royal Opera and that was a place where Emilia just loved to be. Those who worked with decor, costume and other creative things always let Emilia sit with them and sew her own creations, make sculptures and other exciting things. ”The Royal Opera was like my own little fantasy world” says Emilia, and its clear that these experiences really made a huge impression on the little girl. ”I also remember that I drew on just about everything, from bills to old newspapers. I only wanted to do creative things, everything else I found boring.” When you look at Emilia’s paintings, it’s obvious that these beautiful childhood memories still inspire her to this day. Sofia Belsito, Curator at Van Gogh Art Gallery, also draws attention to this, when she describes why they chose to exhibit Emilia’s art at the fair in Monaco: "We've chosen to work with Emilia because of her figurative paintings. We were captured by Emilia's imaginary worlds and her ways of portraying a very particular sensitivity, her magical gaze on the feminine, and its unique traits." As you can tell they really have grasped what Emilia wants to express with her art.

The feminine itself has become a bit of Emilia's hallmark, as the majority of her paintings in one way or another depict women. "Usually I'm the woman, either as a child or an adult" says Emilia. “Even if it's not me in the picture, I'm in the room in one way or another, as it is my emotional life that is embodied on the canvases. Sometimes it can be in the shape of a bird, which then symbolizes that I am free and that we all should have the right to make our own choices.” This quote is very typical for Emilia as a person, as many perceive her as a rebel - especially in the conservative art world. “I only paint and say what I feel, it’s not an act. I am me. Who else should I be? “ laughs Emilia when asked to comment. Emilia’s first exhibition in her own name was arranged 2009 in the small town Gävle, Sweden and this August she will be off to Monaco. When asked to look five years ahead, Emilia hopes that her art will have reached Berlin, a city she conciders to be an ”artist metropolis” in Europe. ”It’s a vibrant artist city with a touch of rock’n’roll, so I think I would fit in perfectly there” speculates Emilia. Another city that attracts is of course New York, but the important thing for Emilia is to continue to develop, grow and try new things. ”In five years, I definitely want to work full time with my art and by then I have probably started making sculptures in wood and ceramics as well.” The "touch of rock’n’roll" that Emilia mentions is another thing that has become synonymous with her name. Both through her job as a tattoo artist and her art business, she has connected with many rockstars and several of them are today her friends. World famous superstar Slash from Guns N 'Roses has several tattoos made by Emilia and he also has one of her paintings in her home. "I just love Emilia's art", the low-key guitar hero answers when asked what makes her so special. Myles Kennedy, who sings in both Alter Bridge and Slash’s solo band, is also a big fan of Emilia. Myles and his wife Selena Kennedy have a large painting from Emilia in their home as well and they do not tailor the words: “Emilia is definitely one of our favorite artists. Her vision and dedication to her craft is truly an inspiration." Big words from big stars.

At home in Stockholm, Sweden Emilia also is frequently seen with some of the biggest rockstars around. Tobias Forge, better known as Papa Emeritus in the Grammy winning rockband Ghost, has followed Emilia's work for a long time and is very impressed by her art. ”I appreciate her expression and all her artwork. I bought one of Emilia's paintings myself that hangs on my wall at home and another piece of her art is tattooed on my arm” says Tobias as he stops by Gallery Diva, which Emilia runs in the Old Town.

As you probably have understood by now, it’s never quiet around Emilia. She constantly has a lot going on and her journey will probably take many turns along the way. One thing is at least 100% certain - remember the name Emilia Lindberg, because once she has decided on something, there does not seem to be anything that can stop her. "You have to go and get it, it won’t come running to you!" is Emilia's attitude to life in general. Obviously she's right. Find out more about Emilia Lindberg: Follow Republic 66 Instagram Contact us:


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