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Way of Working

REPUBLIC 66 is your hub


We welcome customers and clients from all creative industries worldwide. We can help you to close the deals that are suitable for your brand and/or your business. The best deals benefit all parties, not just one, to the satisfaction of everyone involved. pay off for each part and make everyone involved satisfied, not just one part. Customers and clients will choose us due to our expertise, but also our broad network of contacts. 

We will help all customers and clients in a way that we think is the best for them individually. Our team, with their good references and excellent reputations, gives us advantages over others in the field. We are unique because no other agency has the breadth of knowledge and experience that we have.


Tell us what you need and we will work extremely hard to make it happen for you.

Publik på en konsert


Both within our team and in our network we have several specialists when it comes to producing events, festivals and concerts. 

We can help you with content and concepts for your event, no matter the direction. Our team has experience from producing everything from intimate to major events for thousands of visitors. Small corporate meetings, weddings, club gigs, arena shows… You name it, we've done it.
No events are too small or too big, we have the specialists that make it work smoothly and flawless. Any ideas? Don’t be a stranger.

Stage i Lights


We are a full service agency when it comes to PR and marketing. Do you need help with long term planning regarding your brand awareness or do you need a strategy for your social media platforms? Maybe you also need hands on action points like help with writing a press release or setting up a professional photo shoot? No worries, we take care of it all.
Our team has experience from working worldwide with strong and well-known brands. We also have a very broad network of experts that we collaborate with to bring you the best possible outcome.
When you choose to work with us we always make sure that your brand is handled with love and care. We really look forward to hear from you.

Edison Bulb
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