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DEVILLE New Client!

The embryo that would become Deville was formed 2004 in Malmö by Andreas Bengtsson (vocals/guitar) and his cousin Markus Nilsson (drums) when they started to write songs and play together. The duo became a full band in 2005 when the cousins were joined by Martin Hambitzer (guitar) and Markus Åkesson (bass). Deville was born. Right from the start the band was very focused on playing live and took every chance they could get to perform their songs on a stage. Word of the band began to spread and within less than a year Deville released their first album, which was a split CD together with the band Sergej The Freak from Gothenburg (Dareville Records). In 2007 Deville was signed by Buzzville Records and the first full length album “Come Heavy Sleep” was released. Since then the band has released four more full length albums, band members have come and gone, but nothing has stopped Deville from touring Europe as well as US like maniacs. More than 400 concerts have been played to this date and counting. 2020 Deville celebrated 15 years as a band and did a spectacular show at Kulturbolaget in their hometown Malmö, right before the pandemic hit. All the past members guested on stage and the venue was packed with fans, friends and families. During the pandemic the band has been very focused on writing new songs that soon will be presented to the world. Since 2019 Deville is: Andreas Bengtsson - vocals/guitar Andreas Wulkan - guitar/vocals Martin Nobel – bass Michael Ödegården - drums Republic 66 is very proud to present Deville as our latest client and we will help them promote their upcoming killer album “Heavy Lies The Crown” that will be released through Sixteentimes Music on September 30. Welcome to the Republic 66 family! Deville online: Website - Facebook - Instagram - Spotify - Photo: Tobias Annerfeldt

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