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Svarta Sanningar (Black Truths) was formed in 2017 as a rock/metal band with all vocals in Swedish. They have created a whole concept around the band and written a fictive backstory about a mysterious society called Svarta Sanningar. The idea is to re-capture some of the atmosphere from horror movies and transform the drama into music.
Their first EP Kapitel 1 (Chapter 1) was released in November 2018 and can be described as a dirty mix of Joy Division, The Cure, Thåström and dark metal. The next EP Kapitel 2 (Chapter 2) will be released soon.

Emilia Lindberg

“I believe that with a great amount of passion you can make any dreams come true.”

I am passionate about becoming a force of nature within the art world and making sure my name will be remembered. Something I am willing to fight for.

My art features women drawn from imagination and inspiring women in my life. As a young girl my father often brought me to his job at the Royal Opera where I spent my time dreaming about the vibrant people, fantastic clothes and amazing art. Dreams that later became real in my paintings. 

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The Generals was formed in 2002 as a heavy action rock band but quickly developed into a Death 'n' Roll machine.
New album TO HELL is produced by Tomas Skogsberg, recorded in Sunlight Studios, Black Zombie and Dead Dog Farm, mixed and mastered by Lawrence Mackrory on Dugout Productions (FKÜ, Lik, Baest).

Although there is still a rock 'n' roll vein that permeates the music, the new album is more death metal than ever before. The perfect blend of crushing riffs, epic choruses and vicious tunes has been ground down in this 10-track vinyl. Released on 26th of February. 
Order your limited edition vinyl below or listen to the music on Sporify!

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