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”In the year twenty-twenty-two, a new gang hit the scene, and it ain't for you. Crank is the name, and they're here to reign, with a sound so loud, it'll drive you insane. Tyrant on guitar and vocals, with a voice like a knife, Motokobra on bass, shaking the night. Guitarist is a Savage, don't you dare cross his path, and Johnny Rocker on drums, with thunderous wrath. They play the hardest rock ‘n’ roll, and it'll take control of your soul. Their filthy biker image, it ain't just for show, they'll take on the weak, and make them bow down low. Crank will rule the world, with fear in their eyes, and the sound of their music will reach the skies. So if you know what's good for you, stay out of Crank's way, or you'll be through!” – Tyrant (Crank)
Photo Sabrina Bauer.  Visual_evidence

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Saint Deamon was founded in 2006 and signed a worldwide deal with Frontiers Records shortly thereafter, which resulted in two albums, “In Shadows Lost From The Brave” (2008) and “Pandeamonium” (2009). Extensive live appearances followed, with gigs all the way from North Cap down through Europe, crowned with a memorable appearance at the prestigious ProgPower USA Festival in Atlanta. 10 years after the “Pandeamonium” release Saint Deamon signed with new label Ram It Down Records and the 74 min mastodont album “Ghost” was finally presented to the world in 2019. During the pandemic years, Saint Deamon did use the time creatively and well. Finishing up 2022 with new signing with AFM Records - physical re-issues of both “In Shadows Lost From The Brave” and “Pandeamonium“ to follow + the new full-length album "League of the Serpent" to be released on April 21st - the band is stronger than ever!

For more information, contact Martin Gustafsson:


Eradikated plays thrash metal like it’s supposed to sound – hard, fast and mean. Formerly known as The Generations Army. Re-born as Eradikated in September 2021. Released an EP with re-recorded old live favorites one month later. Played live shows with The Haunted and Bullet, did a few festivals and toured with Anvil. In November 2022 the band was signed by Indie Recordings, after a brutal live performance at the showcase festival by:Larm in Oslo. Full-length album “Descendants” will be released on October 6th, 2023. 

Martin Gustafsson is the manager of Eradikated and Republic 66 is the band’s PR Agency.

For any inquiries, please contact:

Photo: Oscar Dziedziela

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Velvet Insane is a 3-piece gang of rockers that reinvented glam rock by mixing the pop harmonies of the 70’s with the heavy sound of today. This outfit has been moving forward since their debut album that landed on Planet Earth in 2019 and today the band consists of Jesper Lindgren (guitars), Jonas Eriksson (vocals) and Ludvig Andersson (bass). When they perform live the line-up is completed with additional musicians, so literally anyone can show up since the band is well known for their creative collaborations.

Martin Gustafsson is the manager of Velvet Insane and Republic 66 is the band’s PR Agency. 

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Sister was formed in 2006 and became known to the masses in 2009 when they released their first full-length album “Deadboys Making Noise”. Since then they have been touring around the world and released four more albums. The latest one is called “Vengeance Ignited” and was well received by the press when it came out in 2021. The fans also loved it, as you can see by looking at the digits on all streaming platforms. Another thing worth mentioning is the song “Would You Love a Creature” from the album “Hated” (2011) that all of a sudden became a hit single after being featured in the HBO series “Peacemaker” (2022). Sister have big plans for the future and it’s an honor to have them in the Republic 66 family!   


Martin Gustafsson is the manager of Sister and Republic 66 is the band’s PR Agency. 

For any inquiries, please contact:

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Live Brands factory

Converting Brands To Products. 
There is an ocean of products and merchandise out there just waiting for you to pick the ones best suited for your brand.

But hey, choosing the perfect fit can sometimes be a bit tricky.
With Live Brands Factory you have the product knowledge, the packaging experience and the business value in your pocket. 
They make the journey smooth and safe. With them by your side – their wide network of manufacturers and special set of skills – your merchandise and unique brand products will be closer to your audience. Sari. H Wilholm is a part of Live Brands Factory

Sweden rock festival

Sweden Rock hardly needs an introduction, but it’s well worth mentioning that the festival has a history that goes 30 years back in time. Both as a festival and a brand, Sweden Rock is nowadays an institution that many competitors use as a benchmark when it comes to quality, experience and last but not least – the loyalty among the festival's visitors.

When it comes to the brand, Sweden Rock has been very careful and specific when their name or brand has been used on external products. No matter what kind of merchandise that is being launched in the name of Sweden Rock the quality always needs to be high end. 

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Lackland was formed during the summer of 2022 when Rickard Alriksson (Nasum/The Accidents) and Anton Strand (Seigmenn) realized that the Swedish music scene lacked something, so they decided to form the band that they wanted to hear themselves. They started to jam and published a video on social media, which caught the attention of their friend Martin Westerstrand (LOK/Lillasyster) who asked if they needed a singer and there you go - Lackland was formed. “We are the band that you would get if Lemmy would have joined Bad Religion” says Martin when asked to describe their style – classic hardcore punk with a touch of dirty rock. Their first single and video “WWe Are The Ones Who Won’t Forget” that was released on November 1st was just the beginning. More singles, videos and a full length album is coming up, so watch out!

Pressfoto: Jimmy Johansson

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