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They started their musical journey 2012 at the age of 9-11, influenced by bands such as Exodus, Slayer and the early years of Metallica. After hundreds of hours spent in their rehearsal space they named the band The Generations Army and started to prepare for world domination. In 2015 they joined forces with the drummer Calle and together with Elvin (vocals/guitar), Ragnar (lead guitar) and Erland (bass) the current line-up was complete. During the pandemic the band evaluated their past and thought about their next move and decided that a rebirth was necessary. Let’s put it this way: You ain’t seen nothing yet. The Generations Army is dead, long live The Generations Army. Chapter 2 has begun. Prepare yourself for ERADIKATED – harder, faster and meaner than anything you’ve ever seen or heard. The future of thrash metal is born.

Republic 66 is very proud to present ERADIKATED as our first client were we will take a holistic approach as both the band’s management and PR agency. Welcome to the Republic 66 family! Eradikated online: Website – Facebook -

Instagram Photo: Lasse Jison Johansson

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