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KILL THE KONG Dead Spirit Pt. 2 unleashed on September 3!

With two acclaimed albums in the back, Kill the Kong released the long-awaited EP Dead Spirit Pt. 1 last year. As the title suggests, this was part one of two that together will form the band's third full-length album. On September 3 (next Friday that is) that day finally is here… Dead Spirit Pt. 2 will be available on all digital platforms and the album will be unleashed in its entirety on vinyl later this year. Put your helmets on and buckle up, because these new songs will make you go nuts. See you in the moshpit!

Kill the Kong – Members

Timu Kumpumäki, vocals Dennis Andersson, vocals KJ Melgoza, guitar Mikael Karlsson, guitar Niklas Hansson, drums Erik Lantz, percussion

Andreas Sjöstedt, bass

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