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LACKLAND New Client!

Uppdaterat: 21 nov. 2022

Lackland was formed during the summer of 2022 when Rickard Alriksson (Nasum/The Accidents) and Anton Strand (Seigmenn) realized that the Swedish music scene lacked something, so they decided to form the band that they wanted to hear themselves. They started to jam and published a video on social media, which caught the attention of their friend Martin Westerstrand (LOK/Lillasyster) who asked if they needed a singer and there you go - Lackland was formed. “We are the band that you would get if Lemmy would have joined Bad Religion” says Martin when asked to describe their style – classic hardcore punk with a touch of dirty rock. Their first single and video We Are The Ones Who Won’t Forget that is released on November 1st is just the beginning. More singles, videos and a full length album is coming up, so watch out!

Republic 66 is very proud to present Lackland as our latest client. Welcome to the Republic 66 family!

Lackland is:

Martin Westerstrand – Vocals

Anton Strand – Bass & Vocals

Rickard Alriksson – Guitars & Vocals. Lackland online: Youtube: Instagram - Spotify -We Are The Ones Who Won’t Forget” (Klicka på länken) Pressfoto: Jimmy Johansson

For further questions contact Sari H Wilholm:

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