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New VELVET INSANE album is out!

Velvet Insane is back with THE glam rock album of the year! High Heeled Monster (Wild Kingdom Records) is full of stadium anthems, soulful ballads and party bangers that will wake up the whole neighborhood! This is by far the most complete and diverse album that Velvet Insane has put out since the start and we are convinced that this once and for all will establish the band as the Kings of Swedish Glam Rock – everything else would be untrue. LISTEN TO THE ALBUM: READ THE FULL PRESSRELEASE IN SWEDISH:

VELVET INSANE: Jonas Eriksson - vocals Jesper Lindgren - guitars Ludvig Andersson - bass ADDITIONAL MUSICIANS ON ”HIGH HEELED MONSTER”: Henrik Widén - piano Federico De Costa - drums Erik Edlund - drums (on Act Together and Sweet As It Can Be) Erik Hellqvist - saxophone Sebastian Persson - saxophone Tomas Skogsberg - keyboard Dregen - vocals Chips Kiesbye - vocals Bonni Pontén - vocals Anna Ulin – back-up vocals Björn Höglund – back-up vocals

PRODUCER: Tomas Skogsberg RECORDED AT: Sunlight Studios PLAY IT LOUD!

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