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SISTER New Client!

Sister was formed in 2006 and became known to the masses in 2009 when they released their first full-length album “Deadboys Making Noise”. Since then they have been touring around the world and released four more albums, where “Vengeance Ignited” from 2021 is the latest one. Since 2015 Erik Grönwall has been managing the band, but after he recently joined the legendary Skid Row and decided to focus entirely on his own music career the band needed a new management. Republic 66 was approached and together we decided that we wanted to work together. On April 6 2022 Sister signed with Republic 66 and Martin Gustafsson is since then the manager of Sister, with the full blessing from Erik Grönwall. Republic 66 will also function as the band’s PR Agency. Welcome to the Republic 66 family! Sister is:

Jamie Anderson – Lead vocals Freddan Hiitomaa – Bass, backing vocals Cari Crow – Drums, backing vocals Sister online: Facebook - Instagram - Spotify - YouTube -

Photo: Filip Tell

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