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Tyrant from NIFELHEIM goes back to hard rock roots and releases mini album with his new band CRANK

Uppdaterat: 3 maj 2023

Few Swedish black metal bands are as legendary as Nifelheim, where bassist Tyrant is one of the band's founders. On Wednesday, May 3, his new band Crank will release their debut mini-album titled Mean Filth Riders (Prowler Records). In this band, however, Tyrant has put the bass aside, to instead take the role of the band's singer and guitarist. Nor is it black metal that is served this time, but Crank offers dirty and unpolished biker rock with an attitude that oozes sulphur. This is certainly not for everyone and that's exactly how Crank wants it. “I've written songs that I like myself and recorded them together with people I like to play with.

Crank is about doing exactly what we want, when we want and how we want. We are not a band for everyone, nor are we meant to be. Love us or hate us, we still play the crap out of you.” – Tyrant (Crank)

MEAN FILTH RIDERS is about going your own way and creating music you like for your own sake is for many the definition of "authentic". This is exactly what Tyrant did when he created the band Crank. There is absolutely nothing here that is studied, prepared or polished - it looks shitty and it sounds accordingly.. Imagine that Lemmy and Billy Gibbons bent down and started jamming with all the volume controls at max. Then you are on the right track. Of course, the influences of early Iron Maiden and Judas Priest are evident at times, but Crank has definitely found his own style - by simply screwing up everything that style is. Incredibly refreshing in a world where even many of the hardest bands sit and polish every single note in the studio. The mini-album Mean Filth Riders (Prowler Records) will be released on Wednesday, May 3 and contains six songs, of which Hot Rock 'n' Roll Band is a cover of the Finnish biker legends Backsliders. The rest is completely newly written material that no one has heard before.


”In the year twenty-twenty-two, a new gang hit the scene, and it ain't for you. Crank is the name, and they're here to reign, with a sound so loud, it'll drive you insane. Tyrant on guitar and vocals, with a voice like a knife, Motokobra on bass, shaking the night. Guitarist is a Savage, don't you dare cross his path, and Johnny Rocker on drums, with thunderous wrath. They play the hardest rock ‘n’ roll, and it'll take control of your soul. Their filthy biker image, it ain't just for show, they'll take on the weak, and make them bow down low. Crank will rule the world, with fear in their eyes, and the sound of their music will reach the skies. So if you know what's good for you, stay out of Crank's way, or you'll be through!”

CRANK: Tyrant – Vocals & Lead guitar

Savage - Guitar

Motokobra - Bass

J. Rocker – Drums CRANK ONLINE: Facebook - Instagram


PRESS CONTACT: Sari H. Wilholm

+46 70-727 16 28

Photo credits. Sabrina Bauer. Visual_evidence


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