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XORSIST New Client!

"Xorsist is the new generation of Swedish death metal", states SVT's Per Sinding-Larsen, and we wholeheartedly agree. Since the inception of Republic 66 by Sari H Wilholm, one of the company's goals has been to assist young bands in advancing their careers, contributing to the continued vitality and growth of Swedish hard rock and metal. With that in mind, Republic 66 has now entered a collaboration with Xorsist, captivated by their performance as support for Dismember, one of the genre's most legendary bands. Currently promoting their second full-length album, At The Somber Steps To Serenity (Prosthetic Records), Xorsist will actively work with Republic 66 as their Swedish PR agency. BACKGROUND Xorsist, a trio from Stockholm aged 18-21, specializes in classic Swedish Death Metal. This distinct style, shaped in the early '90s with pioneers like Entombed and Dismember, is a genre that Xorsist has embraced fully. Despite not even being born during that era, the band is committed to carrying on this proud tradition internationally. Swedish death metal, darker and less polished than its American counterpart (Morbid Angel, Deicide), aligns perfectly with Xorsist's preferences. PRESENT AND FUTURE Republic 66 founder Sari H Wilholm had only heard of Xorsist a few times before seeing the band for the first time at Debaser in Stockholm. She recounts: "I was at Debaser to see Dismember, but I had heard people talk about Xorsist before, and was told to them check out. Luckily, I took this advice because after half a song, I was completely floored by the energy. They played as if there were no tomorrow, and you could tell from the response that these guys truly are the next generation of Swedish death metal. I just had to work with this amazing band!" Shortly after, a meeting was scheduled, and it was clear that there was a shared desire to work together to secure the future of Swedish death metal. RECORD DEAL AND NEW ALBUM On October 6th, Xorsist released their new album At The Somber Steps To Serenity through the American label Prosthetic Records, renowned for releasing hundreds of metal albums since 1998. Despite the band's youth, this marks their second full-length album, following the independent release of Deadly Possession last year. The freshly released At The Somber Steps To Serenity, produced by Tomas Skogsberg, has garnered universal acclaim from metal critics, including an 8/10 in Sweden Rock Magazine, a heartfelt endorsement in Decibel Magazine, and a mention in the esteemed Swedish paper Aftonbladet. Per Sinding-Larsen went so far as to feature the band in his program series PSL on SVT Play, asserting that "Xorsist sees the beauty in the brutal and finds healing power in the darkness. Both in what surrounds the world and perhaps even yourself?" Furthermore, Per Sinding-Larsen spoke highly of the band on SVT's Morgonstudion. There's no doubt that Xorsist is gaining traction, so if you're a fan of classic Swedish death metal, fasten your seatbelts and join the ride!

XORSIST Gustav Ryderfelt: Vocals & Guitars Birk Castenmalm: Bass & Vocals Alphonse Bouquelon: Drums XORSIST ONLINE



Prosthetic Records – Xorsist: PRESS/BOOKINGS Sari H Wilholm

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