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Angela D’Orazio is a free spirit and without a doubt a true rockstar in the world of spirits, especially when it comes down to whisky. Whether you prefer a classic single malt or an edgy bourbon, it’s very likely that you have tasted one of her creations, even though you may not know her by name. If you compare the world of spirits to the music scene you should think of Angela as the magic producer that can be the difference between a flop and a platinum awarded album. Angela’s nose and taste buds are outstanding, which makes her one of the world’s leading master blenders. How about being a judge in several international whisky competitions, taking over the chairmanship from the legendary Steffo Törnquist in Spritakademin (“The Academy of Spirits”) in Sweden and last but not least being inducted to the Whisky Magazine Hall of Fame? She has done it all.

It’s with great pride Republic 66 hereby let you know that we will represent Angela as her PR agency. After more than 20 years at Mackmyra Whisky Angela has started her own company where she offers her services. After creating whisky for Motörhead and Scorpions among other great achievements Angela’s brand is stronger than ever and she is well respected for her skills all over the world. It doesn’t matter if you hire Angela for a private tasting, as a key note speaker, as a lecturer or to do a masterclass at your company – she will impress you and teach you things you didn’t know. Not to forget her ability to develop any alcoholic beverage from idea to finished product. We can just say “wow” and of course… Welcome to the Republic 66 family!

For business inquiries regarding Angela, please contact:

Photo: Genia Bennet Snickars

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