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New ELECTRIC FEEL GOOD album is out!

Electric Feel Good has since the start in 2015 continued to explore new sources of inspiration and constantly developed as a band. What initially leaned more towards The Faces with elements of action rock, has today landed in a warm soundscape with very diverse influences. If you listen closely, you can hear some hints of Swedish 90’s rock, such as Atomic Swing and Perssons Pack, as well as more sophisticated parts inspired by Ennio Morricone. Today, February 23, Electric Feel Good releases their third album Jane’s Inn (Killed By Records). 

"This is our pandemic creation where everything was allowed to take a little longer. We also allowed ourselves to experiment more than usual, which made the songs more varied and elaborate. We therefore feel that this is the record where we really have found our true sound, which in every way represents who we are today - both as individuals and as a band. Everyone involved is very proud of what we have achieved together, so we really hope that all of you who listen appreciate the record as much as we do!” – Electric Feel Good 

Jane's Inn was recorded by Emil Drougge in Studio Ryssviken and then mixed by Hans Olsson. Today, February 23, it’s finally time for this masterpiece to see the light of day. The record is released by Killed By Records through Sound Pollution Distribution. On the same day, the band will host a release party and play an intimate gig at the legendary rock club Geronimo's FGT in Stockholm. In a not-so-distant future, Electric Feel Good for sure will hit the bigger venues!


ELECTRIC FEEL GOOD: Jens Brun – Vocals & Guitar Gabriel Hansen – Lead Guitar Tomas Janson – Bass Filip Wiman – Drums

Alfred Johansson – Organ  ELECTRIC FEEL GOOD ONLINE:  Facebook -   Instagram -   YouTube - Spotify - For further questions, please contact Martin Gustafsson:



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