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ERADIKATED releases re-recorded live favorites

Eradikated is a development of the band The Generations Army, which for a couple of years has been one of Sweden's hottest young metal bands. On Friday, November 19, Eradikated will finally release their first EP under the new name. The EP contains brand new recordings of five The Generations Army tracks that the band has chosen to keep in their repertoire. The release is partly a tribute to the band’s legacy and partly a tease of what there is to come. Harder, faster and meaner.

On September 19 this year, it became official that The Generations Army was history and that Eradikated was born. As the band still loves to play several of the old The Generations Army songs, they decided to overhaul their favorites, and boost them to a standard worthy of Eradikated. The band explains: “These are the songs we know will fit perfectly with Eradikated's harder sound and songs we therefore will continue to play live. However, we do not think that the recorded versions released under the old band name feel representative of Eradikated 2021. We were only 15-17 years old when we released our first EP and it has obviously happened a lot since then. These re-recordings give the songs a well-deserved boost and reflect how we sound today.”

Below is a list of the tracks (with comments from the band) that will be released in completely new versions on all digital platforms on Friday, November 19: 1. Exhale - by far the most played on Spotify and the song with the greatest hit potential.

2. The Vigilant - a well-written track that we think appeals to a wider audience.

3. Voices and Visions - a good style switch in the middle of the EP as it has some heavier parts, but also is an appreciated live song.

4. Still Screaming - a good song concept that regains its potential through this re-recording that makes it sound heavier.

5. World Cop - an extremely good live gem with its call-and-response parts and its tempo. This one is also made heavier to match Eradikated's harder sound.

The entire EP is recorded, produced, mixed and mastered by guitarist Ragnar Östberg in his studio Easthill Audio.

Elvin Landaeus Csizmadia -lead vocals and rhythm guitar

Ragnar Östberg - lead guitar and vocals

Erland Östberg - bass and vocals

Calle Frogner Moberg - drums Visit their webpage: For more info please contact

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